Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thursday. In Leeds

Today I checked out the Costco here. It took me two busses but not to bad. Pamela is spoiled with one 10 min bus into town. This bus driver was very nice unlike the rest of my experiences. When Pamela said it was the same, she really meant it. The layout was a carbon copy of the Costco's here. The items for sale were very similar but the English brand names. The selection of beer and wine was much better than ours but they didn't have triangle bread. They did have what I was looking for. "American" Peanut butter. I bought 2 large jars of Skippy for Pamela. When I went to the cash they scanned in my card and my name was printed out on the bill. They still use the red tape.

I had the hotdogs at the lunch counter. They asked me if I wanted onions. I said yes. Didn't realize they would be pickled. YUCK. I also managed to spill sprite all over me.

I took the bus back to Pamela's hotel to meet her for dinner. Good thing I had plenty of time. I asked the bus driver where to get off but when I felt we should be near I asked a fellow passenger. He said, "Ohhh, you want to get off back in Leeds." What back in Leeds? You mean I left? He suggested I get off now and walk back. It was only about 10 blocks to the Hotel. Good thing it's in a major shopping mall. Easy to ask for directions.

I met up with Pamela and her friend picked us up for dinner. We went to a Hotel School's year end project. It was a lovely dinner. Much more intimate than we expected. The food was nice and the service was great. I got to meet two of Pamela's co-workers. They're very nice bubbly women. I got a little lost in the shop talk but not as lost as if I was to talk shop to them. It was really different being in the campany of only women.

We got a ride home. It was much appreciated in the pouring rain. I went home to watch some TV and let Pamela get some rest.

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