Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Friday- in Leeds

Today was lazy day. I went into town to meet Pamla since she only had a half day we went out to a movie. We saw "Keeping Mum" with Rowan Atkinson. It was a black comedy british movie. I enjoyed but not Pamela's fav. We came back to the house to change and went back into town for Pamela's office Christmas party. We went to an upscale restaurant downtown. The service started off slow but was ok in the end. The food was nice except Pamela's main meal was bland so they took it back and she ordered something different. I had a couple of drinks to feel flushed.

After dinner we went to the German fair. Very popular in the UK. We went on the Dodgums which for us "Americans" is bumper cars. Lots of good clean fun. Sorry I left my camera at home for security reasons. We went and sat with the group while they had mulled wine. I'd had enough booze by then but it looked good.

We stoped by the hotel and went home for the night.

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