Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saturday in London

Our train was for 6:10 in the morning. Boy was that early! Pamela set her alarm a little later than she thought. I went down and woke her up at 5:15 and she called a taxi for us. We made it in plenty of time. Good thing I packed the night before. Didn't forget anything too important.
We had time to eat something. I love all the fresh food England has for sale. Didn't think I'd ever say that but we had fresh baguettes for breakfast.
We got on the train and slept most of the way. We got into London and I dumped my bag at the train station. Too heavy to carry all day. We went of to a museum I'd heard good things about. The Tate Modern was a little too modern for my taste but I saw my first live Picaso. Pretty exciting. The picture on the left was the only one I could take indoors. This is appose to be art. It's all subjective I suppose. Later we heard that at this museum they had a box of one way mirrors. You could see out from the inside but people couldn't look in. The put a fully functional bathroom in it. People could wave at you while you were peeing. The couldn't see you obviously but still a little disconcerting don't you think?

Construction was being done on this building. They covered it with a mural of the building. I thought it was brilliant. It covered the ugliness of scaffolding and construction.

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