Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hanging around Tuesday

Nothing to exciting today. I went into Leeds for lunch and to check out the sites myself. Basically what Leeds has to offer is shopping, shopping and more shopping. I didn't really buy anything except for a necklace to where when I go out.
It took me a very long time to find the hotel Pamela works at. I think I went right round the city. Stoped and asked for directions. He said I was really far away and then gave me the directions which were 2 blocks away. I don't call that far. Peel to St-Laurent is far.
The hotel is in The Light shopping mall. At night it's hard to miss with the coloured lights on the building. The mall isn't very big but it is indoors unlike most of the shopping.
We had dinner at the hotel. It was yummy. I had salmon and Pamela had steak. Christina would have loved the sides of potatoes. They were huge. I didn't even finish my new potatoes. We had apple crumble in a glass with ice cream. It was quite tasty and looked pretty.
Pamela showed me some of the rooms at the hotel. They're very nice. They don't look hotel room like at all. One of the rooms has a tile floor. I loved the look of it but not very nice on bare feet. They also have some nice entertainning rooms for coctail parties or casino nights.
After a short bus ride home, we came home and watched CSI.

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