Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day in Edinburgh

On Sunday we got up early to catch a train to Edinburgh for 9am. It started off well. We got to the train station early and bought magazines and went out for McDonalds. Now that's OJ. A cute little bottle of Tropicana came with my trio.
We got on the train looking forward to a 3 hour ride. Well... rain,rain go away come again another day. We've been very fortunate with the rain but there was some flooding on the track after Newcastle so we had to back track to Newcastle and get off the train. I've never been so happy to have a hat. It is very damp and the hat makes me warm in the open air train station. We were waiting for quite a while to take a bus around the flooding when they came out and told us to get back on the train.
The train felt nice and warm and cosy. We were 2 hours later in Edinburgh than planned. I took many many pictures on the train. Most of them didn't turn out due to the rain and the speed of the train but here's a few.

All the train stations look a lot like this.

This is one of my first glipses of the ocean.

When we got there we were pretty hungry since we hadn't had lunch. We went out to a pub for food. Mmmm... I had steak pie with peas, carrotts and french fries. It was so very tasty. Pamela had baked patatoe and chilli sauce. They love their jacket patatoes.

We walked through a Christmas outdoor marked that was jam packed of tourists and locals since it was the first weekend. There were all sorts of treats and nick nacks. We just looked since it was so crouded and we had spare time tomorrow while everyone was at work.

We checked into the hotel dumped our bags and I had a very warm luxurious bath. It was a deep tub with a slooping bath. I sooo want one at home.

After a warm bath, we went out for dinner at a trendy restaurant and had a sandwich. We went out to see a movie The Constant Gardner . The movie was quite good but definately not uplifting but very captivating.

We went back to the hotel and crashed on the white duvet covered beds. They were soft and plush. Slept on a twin bed for the first time in years and hung my feet over the bed. We slept very well.

We got up and had the continental breakfast at the hotel. Lots of cereals , nuts, fruits and grains along with the typical eggs, fruit and pastries.

We walked up the street to the castle. Pamela remembered why she hadn't seen it the first time it was there. It cost 10pounds. Ouch. We took pictures from outside and walked through a very nice park. We walked over to the hill which was accross downtown. This gave us a 360 view of the city. It was a bright sunny day so we were able to see the beautiful view.

I love my zoom!!! Wish for a tripod.

We hung out in town bought some presents at the Christmas fair, had lunch and went to the bookstore. Edinburgh is a beautiful city with lots of character and views. I definately got a work out walking the streets. We went back on the train and it was uneventfull thank goodness. We had gone to Marks & Spencers and purchase a packed dinner. I had a wrap some chips/crisps and a box drink.

Pamela's friend Jane came and picked us up at the train station. She had lost her voice and we hung out and watched a Muppets Christmas movie. Not the Muppets best movie but it was ok.

On to a new day. Out for dinner at the Pamela's hotel. I'm going to go into town on my own with my weekly bus pass and meet her.

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