Saturday, October 08, 2005

What a whirl wind !

I've had a very exciting couple of days. Friday was the end of a very rough work week. Good thing it was employee week at work. They sent in doughnuts one day and pizza another. On Friday my boss came up to me and gave me Gift certificates for a job well done. 25$ to the mall and Guzzo movie tickets. Since I was the only one to get some, I didn't spread it around although the money was spent in my head in the next hour or so.
Eric finished on time and kindly picked me up at work. On the way home, he got a call to return to work. The "joys" of being a manager. Bell came into install highspeed and had to do some wiring. I took advantage of this and had him drop me off at the mall to spend my certificate. (spending in record time) I walked in and had my hair cut. Boy was that a treat. She cut off about 6 inches. I should have done that before summer. hehehe. When I was done so was Eric so timing was great.

Saturday morning I sat down and booked my flight. Pamela has been trying to get me over the pond to visit her and I finally broke down and bought a ticket to London. I am so very excited. I've never been to Europe. The plan is to fly to London and make my way to Leeds on the Friday and spend some short time in Leeds before taking off to Edinburgh with Pamela. I'm going to spend the week in Leeds. She'll be working but I'll keep myself busy. We'll head back to London together and spend the night before I fly home. Eric's support has been wonderful. He plans to spend the whole week at the curling club.

Saturday night we went over to MJ and Ron's and brought fresh bagels. They were very appreciative. Mommy and Daddy joined us and since they hadn't had dinner they scoffed down some of the bagels. Don't worry they left some for breakfast. MJ had made some of her famous lemon loaf. We talked about the boat and their camping trip and I went on and on about work and my trip to the UK.

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