Monday, August 29, 2005

Voilà! floats

Today was the day and everything went off without a hitch.
We got up early (for us anyway). We took our turns in the shower and getting dressed. We were checking the flash card was empty when Pamela logged into MSN. We got connected and spoke by video conference. Very cool. Audio was great but the video needs some work.
Eric made a great lunch for the four of us. Mommy said she was happy that we got her telepathic message. hehehe. We, however, were late and stopped into McD's for breakfast. We showed up at work 20min before the truck.
Doesn't it look sharp?
I made Banana and Peanut butter muffins. MJ and Daddy had some while waiting. The driver was on time. Good thing 'cause Daddy was pacing.

Eric's helping measure. Need to make sure it's sized just right for their cradle.

The driver was very good at what he does. He had definitely done this many times before. Everything went as planned except some straps were missing from his truck. Someone showed up with
them about 15 minutes later.
It's snuggled into the lift. Very nice piece of machinery this trailer. Lots of buttons and leavers. All hydraulic and in good working order. Much nicer than the one that put it there.

This has got to be the most photographed family event. The paparazzi don't have anything on us. Our camera took 80 pics. Not to mention what's on MJ or Mommy and Daddy's

This pic is of us following the truck after we caught up to them. Eric and I asked each other if they had picked up the lunch. We weren't far so we went back to get it.
The driver took the scenic route down hwy 10. Mommy and Daddy wondered if the driver was lost but they weren't loosing site of their baby. The driver found this way to be the easiest.

The moment of truth. Daddy's checking out whether anything is leaking. I held my breath waiting for Daddy to pop up and say it was dry. They started the engine without a hitch and Daddy gave them the go ahead to let go and they motored away.

They motored over to the Longueuil Yacht club to put up the mast. I have many pictures of that event too but they are all on Mommy and Daddy's camera. I'll add them later. That went really well too but Daddy tells us that they made the forestay too short or the back stays too short. He'll probably have to order a new one. Good thing he has connections for a fast delivery.

This is the great moment! Christening the boat. Not the best pic but you get the gist. We toasted to many safe voyages. Took a sip and chucked it overboard. It was the most awful thing I had every tasted. Cider with strawberries and raspberries. (sounded great at the time).
We had a nice lunch. Roast pork sandwiches, veggies, Coke and muffins.

Daddy taking us out for a little "Toot", as he put it. Eric later asked me where that expression came from. He's trying to get the boat jargon down. I told him it was new to me. :-).
They look very comfortable in their new boat. And check out the dorky hats. They were a very important part of the day. It was VERY hot and humid. Not too sunny but we all managed to get a little burnt even with the hats. Eric was Mommy's hero when he suggested I buy her some water. The heat, running around, hard work and stress had paid off but also hit her like a ton of bricks.
This is me enjoying myself thoroughly and the sails aren't even up yet. I'm glad we have the week off. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Hopefully the weather will hold up but not likely.
Eric's getting to steer. Oh and don't forget turn in the canal. He's having a great time t0o. He's very comfortable on the boat. Let's see how he does for more than a couple of hours but I think he'll love it. Maybe grow to want his own boat. ;-) I can only hope.

This is it for now. I've still got pics from our sunset cruise with MJ and Ron but they'll wait until morning.


  1. So COOL!! Your parents must be thrilled. Have a great time on vacation...sorry the weather is sucking today :( Blah

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