Sunday, October 09, 2005

"All you need is a Library Card and a bus pass"

This morning we took the bus to the Longueuil metro and downtown to the Bibliotheque National de Quebec. I wanted to find a more current book on pressure cooking but Eric had his own mission. He's been trying to get his hands on the latest Kathy Reichs book Cross Bones. We weren't allowed to inquire about my interests until he had his hands on the very hard to get (unless you want to splurge for hard cover) novel. BTW. Eric skipped his way out of the library. Cheap thrills for sure. We took out a couple of cook books and I sat down to read some magazines. One on the packaging industry in particular but I jumped through it quickly since Eric was anxiously reading over my shoulder.

We came home and had bagels and soup. Very nice on a wet and blustery day. I leafed through my pressure cooker cook book and the bread machine one. Tomorrow I'll make a grocery list and try some out. Probably Sweet and Sour pork.

We picked Daniel up for his birthday dinner and brought him over to Memère's for drinks. The drinks were lovely and David (Daniel's dad) thought it would be a nice idea that on his 25th b-day we embarrass him by passing around old report cards, diplomas and pictures. What great fun.

We all went out to Casa Greque for dinner. It's always nice to see everyone around a bottle of nice wine. "All you need is a Library Card and a bus pass" was David's line. Ahhhh the simple life of a newly retired man. Can't say I blame him.

Plans were made for the next big family event. Christmas ! It's been agreed that everyone's coming over to our place. I'm looking forward to it. I wish our fire place was in working order but we'll have to warm every one up with good cheer instead.

I can't finish this day without a mention about my parent's big adventure. It started today. Today's the day they take off to go south in their Vega sailboat. They will be missed but we'll keep up to date on our blogs. They'll be posting on Voila's Adventures.

This should keep you satisfied for a while.

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