Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who needs rain!

Well.... It's May. We've gone through April Showers. They should be over leading to May Flowers. I suppose I should be happy that my house keeps me dry but I'm looking forward to spending time outside in the sun.

I notice some new growth in my plant out the front. The one that attracts ants. I'm looking forward to see my plants grow into a nice garden. So far it's pretty dreary and the flower boxes need some work. Hopefully the flowering plants will hide all that.

I'm glad to know that everyone is feeling better. Christina went back to work on Monday. I'm not sure how she is but I think she was just sick of being sick.

Tomorrow is Gilmore Girls night. It's one of my favorite programs. I've never rearranged my schedule to watch a TV show before but this one I love.

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