Sunday, May 01, 2005

Momy's big 50th b-day

Hello, It started off as a simple plan to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. My sisters and I though out some ideas and thought that brunch would be best. Eric and I went to a lovely place that served a 7 course brunch that was very tasty with lovely ambiance. About a month before her birthday I invited her dad to come and surprise her. He accepted and would come stay at our place. We talked about birthday presents and thought a wireless card would be best.

The week before her b-day Daddy and Christina were very sick with different ailments. Even after rest, medication and doctors they were not at their best. I called my grandfather the night before the trip from Toronto to update him on this situation so that he could make an informed decision on whether to come decision. He said he wanted to make the trip anyway. It was all set he was going to see friends in Kingston and drive into Montreal on Saturday morning. Well, he was in an accident on the way to Kingston. He turned out fine but wanted the dealer to make sure his car was fine too. Since it was Friday, they weren't going to see it until Monday. He then called to let me know he was taking the train in and asked me to pick him up downtown.

I finished the birthday cake for Mommy and picked him up. We went out for dinner and to a play. It was lots of fun. We had a nice dinner with good conversation and the play was fun. (even though it went on very late). Sunday! the big day we all met up for brunch. MJ, Ron, Mommy, Daddy, Eric and I. We thought it best that Christina stay home and rest. Everyone enjoyed brunch at Le Fleuron. Food just kept coming and it was fresh and tasty. We left there content and full.
Mommy and Daddy took Grandpa to see the boat, while we went home. Since Christina was likely contageous, they came back to our house for the afternoon before we drove him back to the train.
Mommy showed be how to debone a salmon. It's a lot of work and I'll need yet another kitchen item. lol a filet knife! We drove Grandpa back to the train station after his short but very nice visit.
For dinner, I made my first stuffed salmon. It was excellent. Everyone gobbled it up even Daddy who hasn't had much of an appetite lately. The cake I made came with mixed reviews. It was a lot of work for the result. Well all in all things turned out well except Christina couldn't make it. Never thought it could get so exciting planning a simple brunch.

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