Sunday, September 08, 2013


This summer I wanted to sew gifts for some new arrivals. There's a neighbour that was having her 3rd baby in June. 3 boys! what a handful! My heart went out to her having a newborn at the beginning of summer. All that swaddling in the heat. I was online and found this tutorial  from Nap Time Crafters to make a peanut which is easier, faster and cooler than swaddling. I sewed it all up and looked at it and thought. WOW that looks small. I wonder if the baby will fit.
I had a lot of trouble finding fabric that was cotton so it would breath but also with a little spandex for a comfortable stretch. Funny how I went back to my stash to find the perfect fabric except it's in an uninspired colour. Good thing the kids don't care about colour. I learned some new things like how to put in a collar and work with  two pull zipper.
They sent me this lovely picture and he even has room to grow. How easily one forgets how small they are.
I wasn't sure if it was going to work for them. Every baby is different and my girls didn't use this because I they didn't exist. I spoke to the mother a couple of weeks after I had given them the peanut. She said he was sleeping through most of the night in it until the went away and forgot it... He was up every two hours and they were desperate to find it. I was happy for them and very proud.

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