Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Onwards and upwards

On Monday I updated my calendar. Things are moving so fast. On the calendar I added the date for Vanessa’s Kindergarten enrolment and the pre-school enrolment for Hailey. While I’m super excited for Vanessa to start Kindergarten, I’m in no hurry to send Hailey to pre-school. She still seems so young and my baby but I do know that in 8 months from now she will be ready. Vanessa is ready now. She has the social skills, the physical skills and the maturity to handle it. Of course it will be a huge adjustment for the whole family but still exciting.

Vanessa will be doing an international bilingual program. Where half her days will be in English and the other half in French. One teacher continues where the other left off. It looks very interesting and it’s a great school.

Hailey’s plans are more up in the air. The pre-school Vanessa attends would be great for her but it’s further from our new house. I’m very sad since it’s a fantastic pre-school where Vanessa has grown and learned on so many levels. I’m just not sure spending that much time in the car would be good for a nap schedual and with the rise in gas prices it doesn’t seem as cost effective. Maybe the year after when she could go 2 whole days a week.

Today I worked on organizing the office a little more and went through paper work. Chucked some and chuckled at others. Letters and cards that were written old car agreements. Things are moving along with organizing of the house but only at a snails pace. I can’t seem to find the motivation. Tomorrow it’s Vanessa’s room I’m tackling. Shhhhh she doesn’t know while she’s at school there will be casualties from this tidy.

I looked up activities for the kids in our new town and was thrilled to find lots to do. They still have a ski program and free activities in the parks in the summer. A very relaxed day camp. There’s suppose to be a great playgroup in French. This will be tough but ultimately good for me and hopefully Hailey. Makes me more excited lets see if that translates to motivated.

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  1. Catherine,
    Thank you for the comment on my post. I LOVE that mini potty idea. If I ever make it, do you mind if I share that on my blog, and give credit to you, of course. Good luck with potty training when it comes!