Sunday, January 15, 2012

The news story of the day.

We’re moving! We’re excited, nervous, thrilled and terrified all in the same breath. It’s real now because we told Vanessa this week. She’s not all that jazzed about the idea but she will be. The new house is closer to her kindergarten. (Kindergarten can you believe that?)

To make our house sell faster and at a higher price we’re renovating some pretty major parts of the house. Two weeks ago we redid the powder room and it’s fantastic. I’m sorry there are no before pictures but it’s dramatic. Eric changed everything except for the toilet. Nothing was moved but it looks impressively bigger. We put in a sink that is half the size and a mirror that is twice as big. We no longer trip on the step stool. There’s very little storage but less for the girls to get into. This was 400$ well spent. Even if we don’t get it back, it will sell faster and make me happy until we move.

There have been two people who gasped when entering so we’re thrilled.

Good Job Eric.


Soon I’ll be talking about the kitchen reno and fixing a leak we’ve had in the roof vent. Wish us lots of luck with the vent. All this needs to be done before the middle of February when we put the house on the market. FEWF.

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