Thursday, June 09, 2011

“I’d rather be sleeping” bumper sticker.

Well. not too many coherent thoughts going on in my brain but I thought since I was up…

Vanessa’s day camp is going very well. She has a blast in the 2:15 minutes she’s there. Today they went to the indoor pool. What great timing since it was really hot out today. The teachers were smart and put life jackets on all the kids to maximize safety and fun. The kids have more fun when they’re confident in the lifejacket. When I got there Vanessa was all dressed in the right dry clothing and had washed her hair with her teacher’s shampoo. She’s getting so independent when I’m not there. I need to encourage that more often.

We’ve got a new number system around here. Vanessa knows when I start counting she better stop what she’s doing. These days I only get to 2 because at 3 there are consequences. This works pretty well for us but it doesn’t motivate her to DO something. So the other week, I said run upstairs I said run upstairs before I get to 10 and off she went like a bolt of lightning. WOW Eric and I looked at each other and said,”We’ll be using that more often.” It used to work on me when I was a kid so I thought I’d try it. Vanessa now gets all panicky when I start and often tell me. “WAIT! don’t start now. I’m not ready.” while she gets a head start. Awesome. Works like a charm.

Mostly things go smoothly with her and I. I have noticed a huge increase in the magnitude of her temper tantrums. It’s always when she’s being put in time out for something. She figures she can fight her way out of punishment. Ha! That’s not going to work but it sure makes me feel rotten.

Today she was hilarious. I went upstairs to find there were sprinkles stuck to her face. I knew we had a few cupcakes in the fridge and deduced that she went into the pantry got the sprinkles and put them on a cupcake and ate it. She totally denied it. At dinner we trapped her. We were wondering how many she ate and said it could have been two or three and she said,”No! I only ate one!”. Heheheh she didn’t even know what hit her and still didn’t understand how we figured she owned up to it. I put that in the small stuff category and still gave her half a small cupcake for desert anyway and she polished off a large banana after. I made the right choice she really was hungry.


The other day I found Vanessa had run out to the backyard to play in her sandbox. I love it! I’m glad she enjoys playing in it. I am concerned that next year we’ll have to get a bigger one because Vanessa and Hailey will both be bigger and won’t fit. We’ll have to see how it goes.

Vanessa’s got a new bike. Although she loves her shiny pink bike she got for her birthday, I made a mistake and suggest a bike way to big for her. It’s been put away for next year. Vanessa loves the ease of this bike and is not interested in  taking the training wheels off. It’s still early in the season and she’s happy to ride with the assistance.

In the picture above we took her on the track in around the football field. I told her it was a “Lightning McQueen track” which made it extra special. She thought it was fantastic. We’ll have to go back so she can gain more confidence.

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