Thursday, June 09, 2011


I’d like to share my story here. Hailey has mild eczema. I haven’t really notice if there are any triggers or not. I had assumed that it wasn’t bothering her. She wasn’t itching or touching the affected areas. Early last week I took her to the doctor because she was waking up nights screaming. I had assumed it was another of her many ear infections but thankfully the doctor said she was all clear.

I noticed that her face was also getting red and rough. I thought that we needed to get her eczema under control. I did some googleing and found lots of conflicting information. Most people and websites said, “Only bath every couple of days.” Have you ever tried to keep a toddler clean for days? The open sores caused by the eczema were getting infected. One website said,”Bathe several times a day and apply lots of moisturiser.  So I went for a happy medium and bathed her daily and greased her up with Aveno Baby Eczema therapy every time we changed her diaper.

That was a week ago and we’ve seen big changes. Her skin is baby soft again and looks a lot less angry than before. It’s not completely clear but she’s happier. She was screaming at bed time and nap time and now she’s much calmer. I didn’t realise they were connected but I’m very glad she’s happier.

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  1. My daughter gets eczema every now and then. I usually use over-the-counter cortezone cream, like Cortaid. My doctor gave me a prescription for her once, but the over-the-counter stuff worked just as well. It can be so painful and annoying. Hope she outgrows it! I agree, it's impossible to keep kids clean for a day, let alone 3.

    Thank you for sending me a 'summer' picture. It's adorable! Hope your weekend is great. :-)