Friday, April 01, 2011

Bedroom is done

I’m so excited that our bedroom is done. It’s got a nice warm paint on the wall. I took the big velvet drapes away and made these ethnic inspired roman blinds. I love what they do for us. The room feels bigger and they cut out the light when we need them too but are easy to open all the way to let in the sun.

The closet is set up with the dressers we had in our room, a few extra shelves, a mirror and the ironing board.

If you look closely I’ve added a sewing table to the room and put it up on the wall out of the way. It’s really nice to have a place away from the kids to sew. I hope to do more of it.

It’s really satisfying to tidy up. We finally have a bedroom that doesn’t look like a dorm room. Ahhh…


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