Friday, January 21, 2011

Vanessa’s growing up FAST

Vanessa’s been making huge strides. A couple of times this week she actually dressed herself in the morning and sometimes into her pjs at night. The pj dressing came with bribes but she got into them at sonic speeds. Dangerous for her because now I know what she’s capable of.

We’ve had almost pleasant trips to the grocery store with her walking by my side. Something I thought would never happen. We went to a bulk food store and she was awesome. A lollipop bribery didn’t hurt… but if it was even this summer and I tried that it wouldn’t have worked.

We went to the McCord museum  a couple of weeks again to see the toy exhibit. The toys were in the middle of the museum with two exits without doors. Vanessa really impressed me and stayed in the toy area until she wanted to check out the rest of the museum and then asked me to come with her. WOW. In the past she would have just took off and wandered. It made me think of all the things that could be possible now without keeping her really close.

She’s now talking your ear off on random things. She made Pamela a birthday card. Vanessa: “Pamela will think this is stupendous. She will think I’m so clever. Pamela with think this is awesome.” She went on and on as she drew a smiley face and added all sorts of stickers.

She’s done many more things but that’s what I can recall.

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