Monday, November 22, 2010

Threats, bribes and behaviour.

Last week just few by. I guess this is what happens when your pre-schooler co-operates. She’s slowly learning how to listen and keep herself out of trouble. The other day I left her downstairs ALONE while I nursed Hailey and put her down for a nap. I was dreading going back downstairs. Vanessa’s always into something. When I got downstairs I had found that she had gone to the bathroom and washed her hands then sat at her table to colour!!! WOW. I was impressed and let her know. When she asked for TV, I couldn’t resist.

The other week she got into BIG trouble with Ronald and MJ. Nothing was broken but she knew it wasn’t allowed. I saw her take her time out seriously. Well ever since she’s been getting into less trouble.

I also had had enough with the toilet paper emptied onto the floor in the bathrooms. I decided she was big enough to know better but didn’t want to get into a bathroom war. I needed to be specific with what she was doing wrong. So I got down to her level and told her that toilet paper was expensive and that if she unrolled it again she would have to pay for it with her Halloween candy. She sure took that seriously. She was good for a couple of days and then tested me so I took a handful of candy. There hasn’t been an incident since. Nice!

Hailey is having some ups and downs. She had a fever for two days last week which was no fun for anyone. She’s possibly teething but nothing has surfaced. Her index fingers are bright red from chewing on them and wiping her nose with her hands constantly.

Last night was bitter sweet. Hailey slept through the night for the first time in months but Vanessa woke up and didn’t want to go back to bed. Vanessa must have said to Hailey, “It’s ok I’ve got it covered. I’ll wake mommy up tonight while you get some rest.” Vanessa’s having huge nightmares. She tells me that the dinosaurs are playing tricks on each other. Whatever that means…

Saturday evening I was alone with the girls. We had spaghetti but Vanessa wasn’t impressed. While we were finishing dinner Vanessa said,”Let’s have a bath after.” Awesome! I was even able to put Hailey to bed and read Vanessa some books.

Sunday was unusual. We went to swimming and then Pamela and Vanessa took the bus downtown to the Cupcake Camp. They were both so very excited. I went to Saint-Bruno and Canadian Tire alone. I was out for a couple of hours and came back nursed Hailey and went back out. Hailey was delighted to hang out with Daddy. Daddy took it as a sign to veg and watch the football game.

Vanessa came home jazzed about her day. She said, “Mommy, I didn’t have any accidents.” and “Mommy, I didn’t run away.” All very good things to hear.

Nothing exciting this week except to take pictures of the girls for the christmas card. I good some free ones with Shutterfly. I won’t be posting the pictures as to suprise the recipients since they’re the ones who mostly read my blog.

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