Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good day to lounge around.

We hung out today and we took pictures to make Christmas cards on Shutterfly. They have given me 50 free cards for my post about it. I found the girls outfits that went together. I just snapped on and on until the girls had enough. I took almost 100 pictures and chose the three best out of them. If you’re one of my 50 closest friends you’ll be getting one in the mail. Provided I have your snail mail address. Hopefully I’ll get them out in time since they’ll be here in mid December. Here’s a few but not the ones included.

This afternoon I noticed something in Vanessa’s eye and removed it and it kept coming back so after the girls were settled I went to the pharmacy to see if they could do something for her. Vanessa loves going to the doctor but I could do without. He gave me Polysporin for the eyes and ears and told me if it didn’t clear up in 48 hours to go see a doctor. Looks like Vanessa will be staying home from school.

I came home and weighed the pros and cons and got up my courage to wake Vanessa and give her the drops. I turned on the lights walked over to her still sleeping. Cleaned her eye out with a cue tip and put drops in one eye. She hardly moved a muscle and I left without waking her. I was shocked! I was also glad I risked it.

48 hours… So it should be cleared up for her first school birthday party. She’s excited. It’s for one of her closest friends. He’s the only child that remains from her first year at preschool. I’ve seen them dance together in apple orchards and heard stories about how Vanessa loves to help him out. I’m glad they have each other.

School pictures have arrived and I’m so disappointed. It looks like they’ve photoshoped them. They took pictures on a green background and then added a forest later. Not to big of a deal but it’s a little fuzzy around her hair and it looks fake. I think I’m going to pass on spending money on these pictures but I very much look forward to seeing her class picture.

As for the wedding dress Vanessa’s picking out. I asked her who she was marrying and she has high hopes. She’s marrying prince charming. Who else?!

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