Thursday, September 30, 2010

Togetherness - You Capture

When we've had a particularly long day, we have dinner and pack the kids up in the stroller for a walk. It calms both of them down and Eric and I get time together and exercise. It's usually pretty magical. Vanessa loves it because she gets quiet time to read her Tag books and hang out with Hailey. Ohh and the TimBits we sometimes get doesn't hurt. On this particular night we walked over to my sisters and Pamela joined us for the walk. Hailey was the first to fall asleep and have a small snooze and it seemed once she woke up Vanessa fell asleep. Hmmm... maybe that's why we (Vanessa) were cranky at supper? She was so zonked that it was a struggle to get her into her pjs that night but it was WELL worth the quiet time on a nice night. I can't wait to do it when all the Halloween decorations are up.



  1. They're adorable. I love how they're all bundled up. Not something we see in my neck of the woods often in South Florida. :)

  2. aww... so sweet! Looks like they're in their fall gear!:)