Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fun week-end

I finally did it. I got on my bike Friday morning after I nursed Hailey. I was actually out the door by 7. It was awesome being out on my own doing something I love in the crisp air. The paths and roads weren't very busy and the sun was glowing. I only did 10 km but that was perfect. I stopped for breakfast and ate peacefully. I did return by 8:30 since Eric wanted to go to the store.

I was lucky that I came home and Eric took Vanessa with him so I caught up on my blogs while Hailey was still sleeping. Why on earth did he go to the store at that hour you ask. He needed more paint. He's been working tirelessly on the bathroom and tomorrow we’ll be able to use most of the bathroom. The bathtub is installed with plumbing and tiling done. Looks great! The walls are all painted and the floors are tiled and grouted. The electrical is mostly sorted out and the cabinets are in. Left to do is to put in the counter top and put in the sink. Attach all the plumbing of the sink. The mirror has to go up and a medicine cabinet bought and installed. There’s some more shelving and the moulding has to be installed and painted. All of this to say I’ll be able to use the toilet and have a shower tomorrow night in my own house. The rest is mostly cosmetic.

IMG_0672 IMG_0675 IMG_0677 IMG_0684

Oh back on track… I had a shower after my ride at Christina’s and Pamela’s. I got to go to the lighting store while Pamela took Vanessa to the grocery store. I picked out a vanity light. It’s perfect for our little bathroom. Then Pamela made us lunch before heading to Costco with us.

Saturday we went to Yamaska park where we met Pamela after she had biked there. It was a perfect beach day. Vanessa dragged Pamela in and out of the water and loving every minute of it. Too bad for Vanessa that Hailey wasn’t as impressed and refused to nap so we went home a little early.

P7030009 P7030010 P7030011 P7030012

Today Vanessa also spent the afternoon in the water. She was at a friend’s birthday party and went into the Jacuzzi, the kiddie pool and then the big pool all in an afternoon. She was in heaven. They had a diving board and a slide. With her lifejacket on she was the first to do the slide without reservation. Others attempted it with a lot of cheering on. She was almost the youngest but she can totally hold her own.

We came back to pick up Eric to go to my parents to have dinner. It was quite nice. Lots of new things to try out. Hailey can’t get enough of her grandpa and laughs when he holds her. It’s hysterical. He’s the only one to illicit this response so easily. 

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