Monday, April 26, 2010

Things started slow this morning. Hailey sleeping while I tended to Vanessa who had gastro and hadn't kept any food down for almost 24 hours. She had some pedialyte frezies and some goldfish which she did throw up. If you think goldfish smell fresh you should try and them hydrated.
I'm very fortunate that Hailey just drank and slept all day. Vanessa was on the couch watching whatever was on. Vanessa did vomit on Hailey and I. I put the two of them in the bath and changed my clothes. I pulled Hailey out of the bath and she peed all over me through her towel. She hates baths so I dried her off and put her in a fleece sleeper to calm her. When Eric got home at 5:30, I went out to get supplies and have dinner. When I came back, Eric needed to go out to a viewing since a father of his friends had died. I had only been out an hour and Vanessa had declined. She was watching the news and really wasn't interested in anything. I gave her some tempra which normally she asks to have and I had to coax her to drink it which she promptly spewed.
I called info-sante and they made me realize that she was dehydrated and she needed to go to the emergency. While I was on the phone with them, I was nursing Hailey and Vanessa vomited. I tried to give Vanessa a bucket and Hailey fell of the couch onto the floor. Right at that moment I knew I couldn't do this on my own and called Eric to come home. I got Vanessa ready to go to the hospital at 8pm. When I explained we were going to the hospital, she asked if it was for Hailey.
Right now I'm waiting to hear from Eric as to what the doctor says. I'm thinking they'll give her an IV and hydrate her and send her home. No idea how long that will take.
I'll keep you posted.

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