Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Vanessa finally saw a doctor and he told her exactly what she wanted to hear. She should be drinking milk but in very small quantities. We're talking 1oz per 15 minutes and then working her way up to 2oz per 5 minutes. That did the trick. It has liquid and protein. She came home from the hospital at 3:30 in the morning and slept until 9 and was up for 45 minutes and drank a few oz of milk and fell back to sleep on my bed. Hailey and I snuck out and let her sleep until 1:30. She woke up a new girl. She drank the last 1/4 cup of milk and kept it down and had more with a few spoonfuls of oatmeal. (Her choice. Yuck!) She had some yogurt and homemade egg mcmuffins the rest of the day. Everything is staying inside and working for her. Fantastic! What a relief.
Hailey has been pretty good but today she needed more attention. I'm finding it hard not being able to take a break in the car or with a stroller since she likes to move all the time.
Tomorrow we're still going to hang low and maybe do some baking. Any suggestions? I need to go out and get whole wheat flour first or buy bread. Since Vanessa is doing better, I think I'll wait for the snow to melt and put her and Hailey in the Chariot and walk to the store. It would be nice after being cooped up for 3 days.
We got lots of snow today. I would say a good 5 cm stayed on the ground. I wasn't really bothered by it since I couldn't go out anyway. I had ordered some stuff online and I got two packages in the mail so it felt just like Christmas. Vanessa told me that Santa wasn't coming though. She did want to go out and make snow angels. Too bad she wasn't ready for that.
So I'm either brave, crazy or very generous. I've allowed Eric to go down to the boat in Florida for 4 days. It will be quite an adventure for Eric and he was really excited to go. He'll be helping my dad take the boat out of the water and close it for the summer. Vanessa's health is under control but she won't be going to school so we'll have to find things to do. Good thing the weather is improving so she can play in the backyard. That will be very helpful if I get gastro. Hopefully, Eric also stays clear of it. You couldn't pay me to risk having gastro on the boat. The toilet better be in top shape.
Wish me luck. I feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to find out who has gastro next. It could even be Hailey. I'm off to bed to get sleep while I can.

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