Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hailey's a whole month old

Time flies when you're having fun. We're enjoying being a family of four. Vanessa is an angel when it comes to Hailey. She's very gentle with her and as patient as 3 year old can get.
One morning Eric went into Hailey's room to check on her. Vanessa and Hailey were in the rocking chair. Vanessa had pulled Hailey out of her cradle and was rocking her. We didn't hear a thing so she must have been gentle but we're going to have to watch Vanessa with that. That's the only time she's picked her up and when she helps she's very careful. She can't stop kissing her and she pulls out her hands to do Where is Thumbkin?
Vanessa has taken to telling me which side I should nurse on. She was even placing bets with Daddy as to which one. To bad it doesn't work that way. The other day she told me that she nurses when she's hungry and drinks from a bottle when she's thirsty. (from the pumping days) It's amazing how her brain works.
When Hailey was discharged from the hospital at 4 days old they heard a heart murmur. The doctor wasn't to concerned but had her pulse and blood pressure taken. On infants they take the blood pressure from each limb and take an average. They also have to start all over if they cry because it gives a fall reading. Hailey slept through the whole thing. The results were normal but they wanted her to be seen by a cardiologist.
We had an appointment for July but we got a call to see if we wanted to come in that afternoon. We accepted. I took Hailey in by myself while Eric stayed with Vanessa. They told is it would take 2 to 3 hours and usually you double it for an accurate time so I wasn't brave enough to bring her. She had an echo cardiogram and an ultrasound. The echo went fine but she didn't like the ultrasound. Mostly because it took longer. Since she doesn't take a suce and she's breastfed, I had no way of settling her. The technician gave her a bottle of water. It worked but later when we got home I nursed her and she had too much fluid and vomited everywhere. I had to change right down to my underwear. I'm very glad we were home. The appointment went smoothly and the staff was very good. The doctor spoke to me in English with his thick French accent. My French is ok but in medical terms it's rough. He's a specialist brought in monthly from the Montreal Children's. He wrote down his diagnosis of a partial mitral cleft which means she is fine right now and likely won't have any issues but we'll be going back in 6 months to look again.
When it was done, Vanessa was still sleeping so I took the bus home. It was starting rush hour and the buses were frequent. Hailey and I even did some grocery shopping on the way home.
Hailey had her first pediatrician appointment last week and it went well. She's putting on lots of weight and growing longer. She's in the 95 percentile for weight and off the charts in height. She is pretty strong. The other morning she lifted her head off the bed while on her stomach and looked the other way. She loves being on her tummy because it must feel nice with her gas. We're very lucky it doesn't keep her up.
Vanessa's got gasto again. She's having trouble keeping down ice tea and bread. She's been a trouper while watching lots of tv. We're going to try and have soup soon and see how that goes. We've been frequently washing our hands. We really don't want it to spread. It looks like we'll be staying home from school tomorrow.

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