Sunday, February 28, 2010


The other day Eric was trying to get out the door to take Vanessa to swimming. She came to me and gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye but then returned to do the same to her sister. She's really cluing into what's going on. She's been watching and helping the baby's room get organized.
All I have to do now is wean her from fake nursing. She does it when she's feeling really needy. It's interesting where she thinks she's going to get milk from like my collar bone or my belly.
The other day I was holding a very little baby who started fussing. Vanessa told me that the baby was hungry so she pulled open up my shirt so I could nurse her too. How generous.
Tonight was nice. Eric had to go back to work after dinner to do year end. I was trying to keep Vanessa up so he could put her to bed. We drew some pictures and did some puzzles but around 8:30 she said to me, "Mommy I want you to put me to bed." How could I resist? It's an joyful job when she wants to go to bed. Her current favorite book is a classic, Dr. Seuss's ABC. She's starting to know all the words. I said that soon enough she'll be able to read this to her little sister and she liked that idea.

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