Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life right now.

We're in the home stretch. This baby is due to arrive in 4 weeks. My body is ready but the house sure isn't. I've very very slowly been putting things in the freezer. It's hard to do when Vanessa and Eric eat seconds. I guess I should be glad that they love my cooking.
Right now Vanessa's watching Dragon Tales while I type. Vanessa's watching way too much tv for my liking but it's all I can handle for now. My back might give out any moment so I'm taking it easy and I have NO energy. I am thankful that the baby is healthy and on her way.
I am very happy with Vanessa's progress at school. We extended her time at school. She is now there from 8:15 to 12:45 two out of the three days. Yesterday was her first lunch at school and she told me she cried that day. She wasn't more specific so I talked to her teacher. She was upset that I didn't pick her up at the same time as usual. I think she thought she missed something. Her teacher, which she adores, talked her down and she was happy to play outside with her friends. They play outside every day unless it's really cold or raining. I love it and I'm glad I dressed her for the weather. She also reported that Vanessa eat well. I packed all her favorites. Egg salad sandwich, grapes, cucumber and some cheese. The sandwich was gone and some of the cucumber. Fantastic since there must have been a lot of distractions.
She came home and napped for 4 hours. Peace and quiet. She slept the same amount of time she was at school. Tomorrow's another school day and then they have a week off for March Break.
When we come back from March Break, I'm taking Vanessa on her first class trip. We're all going to the Cabane a Sucre. Totally up Vanessa's alley.
Vanessa has her 3 year check up with her pediatrician. Hopefully her sister will wait until after that but I can't put everything on hold. Vanessa has shown irritation when eating strawberries and kiwis. I've tried to cut them out but I'd like to have her tested to be more conclusive and get a prescription for benadryl.

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