Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby's room is painted.

It's been a long time but things are getting done. Eric has been very busy with work and his social schedual. There might have been some procrastination in there too along with helping me out with Vanessa.
Eric got the room sanded, new moulding and taped ready to paint with some help from Tim. I convinced him to redo the moulding since it had coax cable stapled to it and some toothpaste like filling. The baby won't need tv in her room. Kay, Vanessa and I surprised Eric with two coats of paint on the walls. We kept quiet and Kay did the painting. Vanessa and I went to playgroup in the morning for the first coat. I came home to make everyone lunch and realized that there was nothing to serve. We went out to McDonalds to let Vanessa play some more and eat. Vanessa was so exhausted that she actually slept while Kay put on the second coat.
Eric came home after curling to the smell of paint. He was shocked to see the new room and that Kay didn't mention anything at curling. This gave Eric the extra push he needed.
I took some pictures but I'm not sure it does it justice.

Nothing but the paint in this picture is staying in this room. Amazing how the paint makes the floor look nicer. Hadn't planned on that.

This is a picture of the before and after paint colour. The paint was much greener than it looks here. The moulding really changes the room.

This morning Eric took Vanessa skating with Joel at 1000 de la Gauchetiere. This gave me time to purge some of my stuff and clothing. It's funny how we're getting rid of all sorts of belongings so we can get it into the baby's room temporarily and then put it back into the room that has way more storage than we currently have. Having said that I'm sure we'll fill it up. We still have things that need homes around the house that we can put into the walk in closet.
Ohhhh... The walk in closet. For now we're going to move into the baby's room and redesign the master bedroom. It's the last room that hasn't been painted since we bought the house. We'll be making our room smaller but gaining a walk-in closet and more importantly eventually a bigger bathroom. The master will be started next week-end and will hopefully with some help from friends be done in a week. Eric will be really motivated to finish it since he'll be sleeping on a single mattress on the floor in the baby's room. Mind you since he's getting a room to himself it could go either way. I'll be the one sleeping in the living room. Over the past month, I have been sleeping there off and on anyway so it's no big deal.
Once the bedroom is done, we'll take a break and get ready for the baby to arrive. The bathroom can wait since the baby doesn't need it and we don't have to relocate anyone to do it. I would like to do it before the summer comes so we can enjoy our summer, the house and the kids.

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