Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're here!

Wednesday we left Montreal in a snow storm. Flights were being cancelled and I wasn't sure what I was to expect. We got to the airport in good time, had lunch and boarded our plane on time. We arrived in Florida on time. Vanessa was a breeze on the plane. She switched back and forth from the iPod to the on board tv. She was very comfortably strapped in her carseat. I recommend that to any parent.
My parents picked us up at the airport and we picked up our baggage to realize that I had left Vanessa's safety harness on the plane. It's one that we both love and can't replace so I'm pretty bummed. We walked outside at about 10pm and it was sweltering. Hot and humid but at least I didn't have to wear layers and layers.
Vanessa was happy go lucky all day. We went to bed around 11pm and that's when the excitement wouldn't end. Vanessa refused to go to sleep. It didn't really matter what I did with her. There was not convincing her. Finally at 2AM I gave up and put her in her tent and let her scream it out. She kicked and screamed as violently as I've ever heard her for 10 min straight. She calmed down and I gave her some water and she slept all the way to 6:30.

To be continued....
PS: don't worry Vanessa eventually settles in and even takes naps.

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