Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm contributing.

It feels great to be a contributing. member of my family. Today Vanessa and I took the bus to and from playgroup without a stroller. The stroller and holding her hand is hard on my shoulder so I put Vanessa's harness on. We had a great morning. Vanessa giggled and played and did a craft. During story time she was happy go lucky albeit a little loud. On her walk home I saw her fade and ask to be picked up but we made it to the stop by Tagging all of the street signs and telephone poles.
We came home to one of her favorite lunches. Grilled cheese sandwiches with carrots and dip. Mmm.... of course she wined and protested about going for a nap but once she was in her room she napped for almost 3 hours. Hooray! Guess what I did? I napped too which does help to contribute to me being functioning.
I planned for a weeks worth of slow cooking recipes and that didn't go as planned for many reasons but we still ate some nice meals at home. The meals were modified for pressure cooker, bbq and oven. This suits me just fine as long as it's home made and I used the ingredients that I have. It's nice to have all sorts of different cookbooks since I'm horrible at improvising. I can adapt a recipe but nothing from scratch.
As for my shoulder, after two physio sessions, some exercises and one acupuncture and some tape I spent the day relatively pain free until now. This is very promising. I've got a long way to go but I think that my flight solo with Vanessa is now manageable.

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