Sunday, December 13, 2009

The week-end.

The week-end was great. We shopped and went to more parks. Vanessa had another nap and we did laundry. There was a spa day going on at the boaters lounge and Vanessa got a hold of the massager. She thought it was lots of fun to be tickled with it.
I can't believe it but we made it to Saturday before having ice cream. It was delicious. I had Key Lime Pie ice cream and Vanessa had a chocolate brownie one. They were gigantic even though we ordered the smallest ice creams.
Today we went to the beach. It was a perfect day for it. It was windy and the waves were crashing on the shore. Vanessa of course couldn't get enough. It was so strong that it was like the waves in Cuba. I decided to go home when a wave through me to the ground. Vanessa was still going strong but it was time to go home.
I did take some pictures which I'll get to later.
Tomorrow we're off to Blizzard Beach at Disney. Whooo hoo.

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