Sunday, December 13, 2009

Children's museum

Friday, Grandma, Vanessa and I went to the local Children's museum. Vanessa had been there before and we know she'd love it this year. We were right. We went in and she and another boy had the run of the place. There was a grocery store, a building activity, area to learn about the human body and a toddler area. That lasted about 5 minutes and then 2 grade 2 classes came in. Since this is not a big place, they took over. Grandma was concerned that Vanessa was not going to get anything out of this and get pushed around. I thought we'd see what happens. I'm glad we did because Vanessa couldn't get enough of all the big kids. She shopped at the groccery store and built houses and participated in a seminar about the human body. She was answering the questions the best she could. The instructor asked how many bones were in the human body and the big kids all thought about it and Vanessa shouted 2! She had her hand up frequently. The instructor was great and took care of her. Handed her xrays to look at and she remembered her name since everyone else had name tags.
We had a pic-nic lunch outside and went home to our first nap. Yippy! almost two hours. That was fantastic for everyone.
Grandpa took her for a row in the dingy. Hippy! She loved it. She was big enough to not need me. I stayed back since I was a little stiff and pretty awkward these days.

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