Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Facebook status I've posted over the last couple of months

Vanessa's gone! Crack open the pulpy apple juice

Vanessa took her potato wedge dipped it in honey and wanted me to eat it. When I said I was full, she said,"Come on. It's healthy." I love the way she thinks. hehehe

I would kill for some apple fritter doughnuts from Tim Hortons.

Yesterday Vanessa asked us to play football with her. She said we needed some shirts to play though. I told her to ask her dad.

The kids had a fantastic time at playgroup. Such joy dancing around but now I'm really stiff.

We went apple picking. It was grey but the rain held off for the ride home. Vanessa came home dirty. It's a good sign.

Cheerios and Ice Tea for breakfast? That's what Vanessa's accepting to eat on her delicate stomach.

I had a mother's rite of passage. Vanessa woke up and puked all over me. We had our first shower together. Good thing she loves showers.

Garage sale was worth it. We sold for 183$ and had a nice relaxing time in the sun reading a book thanks to Grandma.
it's funny that I can't muster the will to make dinner but I can find the energy to make peach crumble

Summer is ending and I got a sunburn today on my face. Vanessa was safe with her cute hat. (she's smarter than me)

I'm so mad! A thief cut our lock on the shed and stole both bikes but left my recumbent and the bike trailer

Vanessa's expression of the week, "Good Job Mommy!" or "Good Job Daddy!" with a big hug and pats on the back. She does it at such random moments when she's feeling good.

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