Sunday, May 24, 2009

Outdoors all day.

What a whirl wind these past couple of days. Great for blogging.
Last night we took the bus to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. The bus took the same time as a bike ride and I had run out of steam. Grandpa even picked us up at the bus stop since it's a 15 minute walk for an adult. Grandma had dinner in the slow cooker. Mmm.. Coq au Vin. Vanessa loved it so much she had seconds. Didn't care for the mashed potatoes but the broccoli and chicken were a huge hit. My mom even had some left overs.
We were going to stay overnight but my parents were driving Pamela home so we tagged along. We had a big day the next day and it was easier if we had our bikes. Eric was surprised to find us home when he stumbled in early this morning.
Today we went to Parc Jean-Drapeau to the Fesival Plein Air. We left in the morning by bike. Today I took my recumbent and the chariot trailer. The trailer was a good idea. It gave Vanessa a break from the sun and a nap on the ride home. I haven't used this set up because it's hard to maneuver around town so I'm a little stiff. I'd forgotten how much extra power was required to pull the trailer. I had also forgotten the comments and the looks of interest I get with my recumbent.
Fesival Plein Air was a lot of fun. Lots of booths with information or products. The overwhelming favourite was the Liberté booth. They were giving away free yogurts in two new flavours. I fell in love with them. Lemon and coconut. The lemon tasted something like lemon cheesecake. I could have had 3 or 4 of them. The coconut was a big surprise. I love coconut but it has to be fresh or real. No fake flavoring and this did not disappoint. YUMMY!
Vanessa insisted we eat them right away. We had them as a snack and then went around the show. My suspicions were correct. Vanessa climbed up Pamela when she saw a mascot. He was pretty close but not talking to her. Good thing she gets over things quickly. She was happy to see the dozens of dogs around. She pointed out the ones with back packs. That impressed her. We eat a nice pic-nic and finished the show.
Eric was in St-Lambert at the antique car show. We met up with him since it was on the way home. Vanessa loved it. There was 50s music blaring and a group all dressed up in the era dancing. Vanessa sat down and said Dancing! Dancing! She tried it out in her own way. So adorable. She and Daddy took a ride on a fire truck from the 1930's. She loved it. It was all open on the top and Daddy let her stand to see around.
At around 3 we left and Vanessa was asleep within 5 blocks. She was out cold all the way home and for 15 minutes after.
What a nice day. It was nice and sunny with a breeze. Everyone was outside. Most people were on their bikes. It always amazes me how many different bikes there are. Just goes to show there's a bike for everyone.
Sorry no pictures. I had too much other things to remember to bring.

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