Sunday, April 26, 2009

Expo Voiles

Today we went to the Expo Voiles at Marina Gosselin. It was a beautiful day to check out the boats, see people and eat out in the sun. As usual Vanessa charmed as she went. She walked around with confidence with her backpack which she insists on wearing. I figure if she's not toilet trained yet the least she can do is carry her diapers. It helps that I keep snacks in there too.

We walked around the yard and picked up rocks. First in her pocket and then in a coffee up. I couldn't believe how many rocks she pulled out of her pocket to put in the cup.

We took some fun videos of Vanessa being herself. Here below she's swiping cards into her interact machine. He imagination running wild here. I burst out laughing once I figured out what she was doing. I asked her what she was buying and she said groceries. Cream cheese, butter and green peppers.

Grandma is teaching Vanessa to be a deck hand. If you start small they learn fast. Soon enough she'll be trimming the sails on Grandma and Grandpa's sailboat.

We had a fantastic time. Vanessa had a great time too. Lots of things to explore and talk about. I hope you enjoyed the video's as much as I did.

Did you see the dog. He's sooo cuuute! (Vanessa looks like Elton John )

MayDay! MayDay! we're aground

Now the glasses remind me of Great-Grandma's white aviator glasses she wore on the boat.


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Vanessa is getting older by the minute! Where are all the updates? ;). Pam

  2. Kids and their pockets full of rocks... maybe they think they'll float away if they don't gather them?