Friday, April 03, 2009

A big Adventure

On Tuesday, at the last minute, Vanessa and I took the bus and metro to the library. Vanessa had some books, DVDs and CDs that were overdue. OMG I didn't realise how exciting this would be. I decided to be brave and give Vanessa a thrill by letting her walk. I didn't bring a stroller since the metro/bus is a pain with it especially by yourself. I did however put a harness on her. This gives her the freedom she loves with the security I need. When I first put it on, she wouldn't hold my hand and said back so I use the harness to keep track of her.

We took one bus and then one metro. Vanessa said metro about a million times she was so excited. Now she can't stop saying elevator at random moments. The metro is full of elevators (escalators).
We didn't stay at the library. We met up with Pamela and went to dinner. Vanessa sat and munched on dinner while we all had a rest. We walked into Atmosphere and I bought a thermal mug that locks close. I love it. I can throw it into a bag and not have it leak.

We came back on the metro and a new bus I had never been on but it was convenient. Still, she was in a great mood. We got home for a reasonable bed time.

It's amazing to thinks that less than a year ago I was still wondering when she was going to walk. She did fantastically well.

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