Friday, December 12, 2008

We're off!

Today's a big day. My parents have started their trip to the Bahamas. We'll be with them for the leg to West Palm Beach. Believe it or not I was wishing I brought a wool hat. Vanessa was lucky enough to have hers and her matching sweater underneath her rain suit. Vanessa has been cutting her sleeping short on this trip by about 3 hours a day. Shorter nap and shorter nights. We motored to our first destination and we weren't sure how she was going to handle this. Well... we had to keep checking on her because today she tried to catch up on her sleep. She was out for 3 1/2 hours of bliss for her and me! Her little shoulder kept going up with each breath so we didn't poison her with carbon monoxide near the engine. Not even the boat crashing in the motor boats' wakes woke her up.
Vanessa and Pa
Vanessa reading her Sesame Street books which she adores. She can name off quite a few of them but Elmo and Cookie Monster are by far her faves.

Vanessa at the helm.

After these pictures, we tried to go through a shallow area of the canal and hit bottom. Vanessa and I got sent below for our own safety. We called CAA for boats and they told us what my father didn't want to hear. Try it again at high tide. We got off the bottom by the help of a generous motor boat and tucked into a bay for the night. It was suppose to be to shallow in the bay too but the bottom was soft so we dredged our way in.
The next day we got out just fine.

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  1. pamela10:02 pm

    love the way you turn back time....