Thursday, December 11, 2008

We took Vanessa to a Children's museum. It had a soft play area, a home building area but Vanessa's favorite was the grocery store. Lots of things to pick up and sort out. I wasn't fast enough with the video but Vanessa was handing baked goods to a little boy and he was putting them into the oven. She said Thanks for each item. It was priceless.

I'm having a little trouble getting Vanessa to drink enough liquid so today I bought her chocolate milk. At dinner we served it to her in a sippy cup. She drank it and looked at it strangely like something just wasn't right. She tried it again a few times through dinner and decided it wasn't for her. Has anyone heard of such a thing? A toddler that doesn't like chocolate milk. We'll try it again at breakfast.

Tomorrow's the big day! We leave Indiantown marina for good. Vanessa's had a great time here but we're up for some new scenery and some swimming. We'll be heading for Peck Lake in the morning. Good thing Vanessa gets us up bright and early.

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