Monday, March 10, 2008

Vanessa's first Birthday-Part 1

As we all know, Vanessa is one lucky girl. She is loved by so much family that she needed two parties. This Sunday we had my side of the family over for lunch. We had a pot luck lunch that Vanessa loved. She ate as much as I did. No kidding. We had minestrone soup. She ate the chunky bits with her hands. She at 3/4 of an egg salad sandwich and a pear. To top it all off she ate her very own birthday cake. Her aunt Christina made cupcakes. Mmmm... chocolate. Vanessa then washed it all down with some milk. Gloop Gloop Gloop!
She loved her presents but played with the newspaper in Grandpa's present the most. Grandpa shared his birthday with Vanessa. I'm sure he doesn't mind. I let him pick the soup since V will eat everything she can get her hands on.

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