Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Officially 1 year old

Vanessa is officially one year old. She's grown up so much. Each stage of her life is so different. Right now she's crawling at warp speed. She loves books. They way they're constructed and how they flip through her fingers. She love to thumb through paperbacks. The other day she kept crawling over to give me a book. I would read it and she would take my hands to walk over to a new book and crawl back for a new read. Don't get too excited! She's not walking yet but she is definitely showing more interest. She walks behind her skooter especially at the loft since there's lots of room. Hopefully she'll walk before the snow melts so she can play outside better. We've got so much snow that it's going to be a really wet spring.
My tiny little girl eats like a horse. Some meals she eats as much as I do. She's not fussy at all. She lets us know she's done by throwing it on the floor. She's become an expert at the sippy cup. She can even drink it like a growler. Her dad thinks she'll be a beer drinker like him.
Vanessa is going to bed between 8-9:30. She often takes two naps at various times depending what's going on that day. She gets up around 8 and demands a nurse the moment she sees me.
Vanessa waves good-bye when she feels like it. She has no words yet but I've seen her point to her sippy cup when it was out of reach.
She loves to giggle and melt our hearts. She does some strange sound with her toung which I will try and get on video.

I've noted all this to keep everyone up to date and for me to enjoy as she grows.

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