Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Upcoming Celebration.

Eric and I have decided that me staying home from work to enjoy all of her precious moment is best for our family. Yes, It's a surprise to me too to want to stay home with a toddler. I am learning patience and scheduling everyday. Vanessa also teaches me to laugh and smile. So for her birthday I want her to have as many smiles as possible. Our lifestyle will be changing with the tightening of the belt but I'm sure we'll manage. We're talking about going sans car.

I know. I know. Vanessa only turns one in over a month but I'm so excited. She only has a first birthday once. I know all of her family that adore her would love to spoil her. Some have even bought presents. We really appreciate this but since she has so much that we would love a contribution to a big gift. Since we might be car less or at least using it much less, we would love a gift certificate to Atmosphere. I know it's a little rude but I want Vanessa to enjoy her gifts for a long time. (and until we get a new shed we don't have room) We really, really want a CX Chariot. We'll be able to pull it around town as a bike trailer or use it as a stroller with the many different attachments. This item is two or three car payments but the gas, maintenance and insurance is cheap.
On that note, I can't wait for the snow to melt and the sun to shine to get out my bike and take Vanessa for a ride. Good thing Brossard is flat since pulling 40lbs up a hill on a recumbent will be a big job that will take a little training. Maybe I'll loose the weight to lighten the load.

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  1. Wow Catherine, way to go on making the leap. I'm behind your decision all the way. Vanessa sure is a lucky little lady!