Saturday, February 16, 2008

11 months this week

Hi Everyone, Vanessa is growing up so fast. She turned 11 months this week and she's now at 18lbs. We went to the breast-feeding clinic yesterday to weigh her. I decided she's finally too big for that group. She crawled around at lightening speeds trampling babies half her age and stealing their toys. We'll stick to her playgroups where she's the youngest.

Vanessa is getting cuter by the day. This week she's developed two new sounds. She's got a new nickname. "Frother" She sounds like a milk frother. It's hilarious and much less messy than the raspberries. She also laughs and smiles more easily. She has a new cute giggle, which she delights us with frequently. Can't get enough of that.

For Valentine's Day, I got 2 cards. One from Vanessa and one from Eric. They were both left from me to read when I got up in the morning. Both very sweet and one of them had a gift card in it for Indigo. I bought "The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook" since my mom will be home with some books for me to read soon enough. I took Christina up on an IOU and she came over and babysat Vanessa and we went out for a nice dinner. I was totally craving steak and wasn't going to shovel the back porch for it so we went out to Casey's at the Dix30. It was pretty good.
One of the managers walked a 1 month old baby around the restaurant while the parents ate. Now that's service! We came home and Christina had tidied up. WOW! Less for me to do today.

Since I'm not able to upload pictures, that will be all for now. BYE!

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