Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vaccation cont...

I'd like to apologise. I overlooked a very special part of our trip. Our time with Peter, Ila and the kids. We went over there on the first full day in BC. We met the kids. We fell in love with them instantly. It was great to relax and play all day. We played with rescue vehicles, watched rabbits, feed the ducks and had fun. Here are a few pictures from our time there.

Ella in ready for a walk to see the ducks.

Keon with his sunnies. Also ready for the ducks.

Ella in the Cadillac of bike trailers. (I've never been so jealous.)

Keon and Eric feeding the ducks.
Pit stop at the park on the way back. Can't miss the park!

Ella and Vanessa hanging out at the play mat.

Peter watching the girls.

Vanessa playing hard in Ella's Exersaucer.

Ila with Ella and Vanessa and I. Dads had taken them out for a walk. The girls are in their PJs ready for bed.

Keon at bath time. What a hoot!

Ila and Vanessa reading a bed time story.

Our pancake breakfast send off. If you look closely mine looks like Mickey!

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  1. FLYBYU2:39 am

    Thanks for the advice on the bike trailers. I was actually looking at Chariots earlier when we were thinking of having a kid, they looked pretty nice.