Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vacation Week1

It's now later and I'm getting around to posting. Vanessa is fast asleep and Eric is at softball.

We had a fantastic time on our 2 week vacation visiting friends and family. We took the time to smell the roses this time and just enjoyed everyone's company.

Our time in West Bank was great. Vanessa enjoyed spending time with her grandfather listing to him hum her to sleep. We went to see the Kettle Valley Railway after the fires a couple of years ago. We went out in the morning and walked the rail trail. It felt like we had the trail to ourselves. It was a spectacular sunny and breezy day. We saw the burnt trestles and forest but also the restoration that has been going on. It would be a beautiful ride once it's done. (not for my Koosah)

This is a view of the burnt trees with the new growth. It's amazing to see it grow back after only a couple of years.

This looks down to valley to Kelowna and the lake

The trestles are being rebuilt at a good pace. One by one we'll be able to enoy them in the network of recreational paths.

We also played mini-golf on real grass, went to a vineard and a brewry. We went out for a few very enjoyable walks in the area. Great-Grandpa Senez loved to push Vanessa around in the stroller. Vanessa loves her stroller rides. The bumpier the better.

We bought Vanessa two bathing suites for her swim classes and couldn't waite to try one out. We got out the kiddie pool and filled it with warm water. (spoiled) It was worth it just for the smiles.

This one really cramped her style so for her swimming lessons she's wearing a 12mo. suit which fits fine.

After the lovely week, we travelled to Vancouver to spend time with friends. I'll leave that for another day.

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