Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vanessa turns 4 months.

Vanessa is growing as I type. She's developing new tricks. She likes to lie on her activity mat and bat or kick the bells. Bells are much nicer to listen too than anything with a battery. She can entertain herself for a little while. When she sits in her car seat, she likes to swing her fist at the spider since it is closest in reach. I think she might be a leftie but it will be a while before that's definite. Vanessa loves to stick as many fingers in her mouth as she can. Her favorite position is her fingers in her mouth like a bowling ball. Her drool is everywhere and she isn't teething yet. She loves her daddy very much but is preferring her mother to calm her down. That is bitter sweet for me. On one hand my heart breaks when she screams with Daddy but on the other I love cuddling her until she falls a sleep or smiles.
We went to the CLSC and weighed Vanessa. I was shocked at how big she looked on the scale and how she now looks like a baby and not an infant. She is now 13lbs. As far as babies go she's a light weight but she's really long. We'll measure her at the next appointment.
This month Vanessa should start rolling over and getting herself into more trouble. She giggles in small doses. It's about once or twice a day but each time she does it we're elated. I can't wait for a cause and effect of these giggles.

That's enough rambling for now. I'll post some pictures soon but for now I just wanted to document her accomplishments.

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