Sunday, July 01, 2007

Much Anticipated Pictures

These pictures are some of the best from the last month. They're all of Vanessa of course.

Vanessa taking her first ferry ride from New York to Vermont. It was a real rocky ride because of the strong wind. She was dressed for the day in her sailboat onsie that Great-Auntie-Mary-Jane designed.

Vanessa loves the Mama Kangaroo carrier. This was taken after mini-putt. It's amazing she fell a sleep while I was playing.

Vanessa is all dressed up for yet another first. The family surprised some friends and joined them camping. Since it is unseasonally cold (down to single digits), we are very well dressed. She has a full sleeper and a sweat suit on top. We discovered on the first night that the hoodie was not such a great idea. Vanessa screamed at the top of her lungs in a quiet campsite when I took it off. The next night we put on a fleece with a zipper in the front. Besides that she had a really great first experience. We plan to go again at least once more this year. Next year camping will be a different adventure.

Vanessa in her new tent! This is awesome. It's a pop up tent with a built in air mattress and comforter. It can be staked down so it won't blow away. It ways very little so it's great for travelling. We put it in our tent with a blanket over it. The blanket cut out the light when we came in with our flashlights and in the morning. Vanessa slept in until 9 am so it worked well. Vanessa slept in a bunting bag one of our neighbours gave us. She was warmer than we were at night and her air mattress did not deflate like ours. I still checked on her a few times a night.

I love this pic with Daddy in the background. He's back there putting in a new faucet. Vanessa is cheering him on. Note the only blue outfit she owns. It has sailboats all over it so we had to wear it.

The classic picture of Daddy and baby sleeping on the couch. Eric's a great dad and husband. I'm sure the rest was well deserved. Some day Vanessa will show her appreciation but for now Eric will have to take the occasional giggle as payment.

This is Vanessa almost diagonally in her crib as you can see it's a tight fit. We always put her head to the bow of the boat. It seems the most logical. One day this week she managed to squirm her way around with her head at the stern. I wish we had put the camera on 1 min increments to take pictures. It would have been fun to watch. And no I haven't wished that I had a video camera in her room.

That's all the pictures for now. Enjoy!

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