Monday, April 23, 2007

So much to say so little time

I'm taking the time to blog since Daddy is spending quality time with his daughter. They walked over to Canadian Tire. Vanessa will help him price tires and get a new element for the BBQ. I wonder if he'll give her the CT money. Hehehe.
On Friday Vanessa had her one month check-up. I'm a very proud mother of a healthy baby. She put on a whole pound in two weeks. She's at 9lbs so she must be getting all the calories needed. That makes us all happy. She is now almost 23 inches and filling out her 0-3 clothing. The doctor said she has a social smile now which means she smiles at people who make her happy. They're very fleeting so don't expect to see any pictures or catch one in real life for a little while. Vanessa can hold her head up while on her stomach for 20-30 seconds before she's too tired. The doctor says that she's advanced for all of those reasons. It was also nice to hear that I was a great mom.

Eric turned 35 this past week and he was spoilled! The day of his birthday he came home and we had lamb chops from Jean-Talon. It's a new BBQ favorite. Vanessa and I gave him some bbq items and a bicycle pump. With the gorgeous weather, I had a summer theme going. Vanessa signed the card with a trace of her hand. FYI much better to do it while she's sleeping and with a pencil. :-)

Friday we left our little sweet baby with Grandma (paternal) while we went for dinner with Tim and Christine. We brought Vanessa over to her place and I feed her there hoping to be able to have a two hour dinner with instructions to call when she was hungry. She gave me exactly two hours and Grandma called to ask us to come back. She had decided she was hungry and was unconsolable until I showed up with food. What a great feeling to know that Mommy is so loved even if it's only because I have her food. To see her calm down the minute I held her warmed my heart. Hot and Spicy. MMMmmm. It was really nice not to gobble down a meal. The food and the company were great. It was a lovely treat.

We went back to Grandma's for desert. Christine made caramel cake for Eric. It was tasty.

On Sunday we had most of our familly over to celebrate Eric's birthday and the arrival of spring. Vanessa was warn out by all of the fresh air. We had a nice afternoon "tea". I served small sandwiches, veggies, grapes and chees, drinks and icecream cones. Jo-Anne brought a nice cake and my mom helped me prepare everything. It was a lovely afternoon. Here are a few pictures.

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