Saturday, January 06, 2007

New couch

Last week we went out and bought a sectional couch. It was delivered today. We like the fact that it seems to make the area bigger with more seating. Eric and I can both nap on it. The coulor is very neutral. I the show room it looked almost minty green so we were pleasently suprised when it came home. There's a sofa hiden in the couch since we got rid of our guest room.
Jo-Anne and Christina came over to help me unwrap it. Since I had to lift the couches around I needed the help. Once that was done, Christina and I went out and bought the carpet. I hope Eric likes it. He hasn't said much. It makes the area more cozy and makes that living area stand out. I'm going to find an coffee table that fits in. That will be harder than finding the couch but I'm not in a rush for that. This new couch gives us both plenty of room to lounge even with the new baby.


  1. Oohhh that couch looks so comfy... I forsee lots baby snuggling there!

  2. It took us two years of looking to find a couch that we both liked. Whenever I hear of a new couch purchase I wonder if it takes everyone else that long too...