Monday, January 29, 2007

I had a pretty good week-end. On Friday Eric picked me up from work and we met some friends at McKibbins. Mmm tasty food and good friends. The next day I went back to the same complex but with Heather this time. We went to ToysRus to add items to our baby registry. It put my head straight as to what I wanted and was important. I could think about what was best at my leisure instead of once the baby arrives. It was great to bring Heather with me because I tried before but it all seemed overwhelming. Since she's done it before, she had some good insight.
That night we went to watch Ronald's Jam Session. I will post pictures later. Eric took over a GB of footage. He had a blast. His new tripod was very useful for the video. We weren't sea sick watching it after. :-) We left at 10:15 and I didn't have to drag Eric out. Yippy! Half the people had left. On Sunday morning, we went out for breakfast with Jo-Anne. We went out to ToysRus again and added one thing I forgot and she had a look at the PlayPen we wanted.
Eric had looked it up online and it was cheaper so we went home and Jo-Anne ordered it us for us online. Yahoo!
We then went to Home Depot and bought the paint and border for the baby's room. I look forward to putting the room together to see how everything is going to fit. The room's going to be painted with 5 different colours. It's going to be fun and colourful. Hopefully not too busy. It will give the baby lots to look at.
We burnt the footage of the Jam onto DVD and brought it over to MJ and Ron's. They were happy to have it. Ronald went to the loft and helped Eric put the cradle in the car. We brought it home to make the cushions and sheets. Since Jo-Anne's going to help me, It's much easier at our place.
The house is getting smaller and smaller. Some of the stuff will go in the baby's room once it's painted. We just need to make room for the baby. My! the smaller they are the more stuff they need. :-).

(and we don't have toys everywhere yet)

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  1. Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for your help with my computer issues. Was nice talking to you. I wish you, Eric and baby the best.