Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy week.

Last Monday, I had a doctor's appointment. Everything went well. The doctor was happy to see I had gained a healthy amount of weight. On Tuesday, Eric and I went to our first pre-natal class. It was relaxed and informative. The class was on breast feeding. Much less scary than the delivery class. :-) It's at the CLSC two blocks away. Can't get any better than that! There are 14 couples in the class. I think we're going to enjoy this. On Friday, I took the glucose test where they make you drink gross Orange Crush like drink and then test your blood. It went pretty well except they forgot to call me back to take the blood test. I went up to them and asked them since it's all timed and they took me right away and off I went.

All this to say. Baby and I are healthy.

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