Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gatineau Park

This post is long over due but better late than never. On Canada day week-end, we went up to Gatineau Park for some R&R and fun. We swam, we "hiked", and we ate. All the makings for a great week-end. The weather was very nice. It came down in buckets but only while we were all in bed and no one's tent leaked. (at least no one from our group) We saw our neighbours get out their waterproofing kit. Eric had an unexplainable sleepless night on the Friday. Here below he's making up for it. We walked around "Pink Lake" that was really a green lake named after the Pink family. It was a very interesting lake. Definitely worth a visit. At the visitor's center they told us it was a nice little walk around the lake on boardwalk. They failed to mention the 200 stairs. It was well worth it thought. Below is one set of stairs we climbed.

I love this picture of Murielle. I get so few action shots but I got lucky here.

This is my favorite still. Might be one for our living room wall even.
This shows the colour in the lake. The colouring in the lake makes me think of a lagoon.
SSSSssss! This snake was lounging on the cliff near the board walk. It was pretty warm so they were moving slow. Nice and easy to get a close up. Almost like it was posing.

To recap. I would recommend Gatineau Park to any family who wants to get away. We would love to go back and hit the caves. The park is so big that you need to drive to get to Pink Lake. There are a few very nice sandy beaches. The drive is about 3 hours from our house so plan well.

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